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Welcome to the Sponsor's Exclusive Affiliate Program

Earn up to $13.50 per referral to!

And it just got WAY better! Read the announcement, it's nothing but good things!

This affiliate program is limited to Sponsors who purchase and maintain at least one Sponsorship that was paid for with Paypal.

There are no exceptions, so please do not ask. If you would like to participate, FIRST, you must JOIN NEOBUX and then Become a Sponsor.... It's $10-$12...

How it works

The format for your affiliate link is{{{ID}}} ... replace {{{ID}}} with the Neobux ID you used when buying your sponsorships (your neobux ID) for.

Once you are a sponsor, referring people to the guide or to the co-op can produce Co-op Children (CCs / co-op referrals). CCs are acquired in the following ways:
  • You refer a visitor directly to using your referral link, and they submit their link to the co-op for the first time.
  • You refer a visitor to the guide, and they click through to and submit their link to the co-op for the first time.
  • Once a CC is yours, it is yours forever. There is no payment for acquiring CCs

    New! I updated each page at to be able to receive the affiliate ID when a new visitor comes to the site...

    Here are some examples:
  • etc...

    If one of your CCs purchases a sponsorship, you will earn a commission!

    Depending on how many Paypal PAID and current sponsorships you have, you will earn the following.
  • One (x1) paid sponsorship, you will earn 15% of the sale.
  • Two (x2) paid sponsorships, you will earn 25% of the sale.
  • Three (x3) paid sponsorship, you will earn 45% of the sale.

  • The lowest sale price is $12, and the most is $30, so Commissions range from $1.8 to $13.50 depending on your status and what the referral bought.

    Payments will be made instantly.

    When I get funds, I am choosing to share them with you. I do not have time to maintain a complex system so this is how it works. I get paid, you get paid.

    Un-referred sponsor profit share.

    When someone becomes a sponsor and they were not-referred by anyone, there is a 20% chance that a random sponsor will get the commission! Additionally, the other 80% of the profit share commissions will be given to the co-op's Top 10 Promoters (most CCs) - leaderboards

    It is weighted, and so the #1 promotor will get 30% of these commissions, all the way down to #10, who will get about 3.5% of them.

    While talking about the money, understand the following. I/ make no promise to you about use of the program. I own this website, and it is by choice, not agreement, that I share funds with you guys. If you abuse it, I will end it. It the payouts are too low or too high, I will adjust them. If I simply cannot spend the time maintaining the affiliate program, I will end it, etc. I am not saying that to scare you, but only to make sure that we are clear. If you respect the program, you can earn some real money, everyday with it, and I am happy to share! But it only takes a few jerks to ruin it for everyone. THAT is why you must be a paying sponsor to join, you already have something financially invested into this, and also, I have some records of who you are in the event you try to defraud the system. Also, I am not responsible for any errors, missed commssions, or anything else with this. Again, I am sharing. If you do not want a share, email me and I will disable payments to you.

    So, what do YOU need to do?

    Well, tecnnically if you are a paying sponsor, you have already done it. If any of your CCs buy a sponsorship, you will get paid to the paypal address you used to purchase your sponsorship with, instantly.

    But if you want to make good money with it, you need to advertise the co-op with your referral ID. There are millions of users at Neobux who might be interested in the co-op (most of you probably joined from a few $9 ads I ran on there!). You cannot post about it in the Neobux forums (TOS 1.5) but you can run paid ads and they will approve them. (or at least they have so far). Finally, we have something to advertise to neobux users!

    If you are not looking to promote the co-op, you will still find that you get CCs and commissions by promoting the guide since Neobux users will read it and click through. There are a lot of better ways than Neobux to promote this, but I am just saying that Neobux is a good way to start... run a $5 ad and see what happens! (bet you say wow! lol)

    If you have further questions, as always email - I answer quickly when I am able.

    What to expect

    Well, I will officially tell you to expect nothing, but I will tell you what I have seen so far as well... For every 20 free members a sponsorship has been selling. I have them metered at 5% and there has consistently been but a few available. Once the affiliate program launches, people will want to earn money with it and want to upgrade to x3 status for the max commissions. I (not you) expect that 5% will hold tight as I plan to keep the sponsorships exclusive.

    That is enough about it for now, but just understand that the things I do on the site are in the best interests of myself, the community, and the stability of the project. I did not build this thing to watch it fail, I built it because one day we could prosper enough to run a superbowl ad lol! (I'm joking... or am I?)

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