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How to get Neobux direct referrals.'s Guide: How to get Neobux Direct Referrals


Of course I am going to start with JOIN THE FREE CO-OP because it is a free way to get all kinds of traffic to your link! Free members share the guide with their ID in it all over the internet and sponsor funds are used to get quality visitors from advertising campaigns. Free members get 80% of their self promotion traffic and share 20% with sponsors. In exchange, 20% of the paid advertising campaign traffic is shared with free members. It's a win-win!!!

After you have submitted your Neobux referral link to the co-op, You should begin promoting your link instead of your Neobux Link. When you do this, you will send visitors to the Neobux Strategy Guide and your referral banner will show in the guide!

Your guide link will follow the following format:
IMPORTANT - replace YOUR_NEOBUX_ID with your Neobux ID#

I am monitoring the traffic on the site, and have been doing online marketing for some time now. I want to share my recommendations on how to get Neobux Referrals (Direct Referrals). This might be a lot to read, but there is valuable information that I have learned over the years.

The affiliate links and banners in this "How to" guide will generate advertising credits. If you sign up through a link on this page, 100% of the credits will be used for promoting the guide and co-op. Thanks for reading on...

Where to advertise

Most people believe that if they get 1,000 visitors to the guide and 10 click-throughs that they should have at least 1 Direct Referral. In some cases, this is a good belief, but in other cases, it is impossible. If you get 1,000 visitors to the guide who already use Neobux, none of them will sign up under you, even if they all click through! This causes frustration when promoting Neobux... so many people already know about it so how can you get direct referrals when everyone already knows about Neobux?

The answer is simple.

In order to get direct referrals, you must advertise to people who are not already Neobux users, and you must give them a reason to think about what they will gain from joining, and what they will regret if they do not join. When it comes to money, it is easy... everyone wants it and everyone regrets not having more of it!

If you simply promote your Neobux link, and tell people "A greeat way to make money" ... well, they will likely ignore it because we have all heard so many "get rich quick" schemes. But, when you promote your Neobux link in the guide by sharing, people are given a lot of information about how it is a business that takes some effort, but will make them significant income in the future. They are shown how to use Neobux and given a co-op to help them! You can advertise your Neobux account like you normally do, just send them to the guide first... it makes recruiing more effective!

"2 more referrals today. 4 total now"
Submitted C.B. [SPONSOR(x3)] on 2013-05-31

So where SHOULD I advertise?

Now that you know what to advertise (the guide with your ID in it!), it is time for where to advertise! There are a lot of places to advertise and everyone wants to sell you something. Quality ads are what get direct referrals!

  1. The #1 place you should be advertising is on this site! When you become a sponsor, you will gain traffic to the guide with your ID in it from the traffic share, and also will get a number of advertisements to place in the rotation. More details are on the Become a sponsor page.
    Also, I use sponsor funds to run ads which 80% of the traffic goes back to sponsors. You can pay $1.00 CPM by advertising on PTC sites, or you can pay as little as $0.66 per month per sponsorship and get thousands of views to your Neobux Referral Banner, and also whatever programs you put up as free ads... targeted and relevant views from a variety of audiences... do the math, it is 1/10th the cost of advertising elsewhere and has a mixed audience of viewers. I run PTC ads, PPC ads on Google, Monthly ads (CPM) and more! Advertise with us now

  2. When you purchase a directory listing for $45, you will earn about $56 back for it as a part of their awesome profit sharing system. Literally, you can get paid to promote your ideas!

  3. We have set up a long term Cash Bonanza for you

  4. Make money online how? visual idea directory. It is a great place to find tools and share ideas!

  5. Downline builder sites: This is my favorite way to get referrals. It works great and you can do it for free! Join and earn some free credits. Then promote the guide for free with your credits. People on are looking for PTC programs to join and you will get some DRs this way! Also, when you join using the previous link, I will earn credits off of your account and will use 100% of those to promote the guide for all co-op members!

  6. Classified ads: The best places to advetise are the ones that take a moment to do. Some of my favorite free places to post are and Additionally, I do a search on Google for "free classifieds" or "post free classified ads" Pick a site or two each day (or as you have time) and post ads.

  7. Forums/Blogs: Forums are a great place to get referrals. You will not get a lot of clicks to the guide, but people who click your forum link are more likely to read the guide and join Neobux than a lot of other traffic sources. Do a search on Google for "how to earn online forum" or "work from home forum" or something like that and you will find a lot of places to post! Put a link to the guide with your ID in it, inside of your signature and just post like normal... talk about the weather if that is what people are talking about and your signature link will still get clicks occasionally, and by people who are interested!

  8. Other websites: Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers,, etc

  9. PPC ads: I use Bing and Google Adwords for PPC ads. It can expensive, but you get good quality visitors. Do a Google search for "cheap PPC ad networks" and you will find a lot of choices!

  10. Social Media: I do not use them much, but if you have a lot of friends or know how to do social media marketing, this works well. Attention co-op membersIf you know of a good FREE way to promote via social media, I may be willing to test it out and add it to the guide. Contact to inquire.

  11. PTC sites: I always use PTC sites even though the quality is low - However, I usually only do monthly or weekly ads Doing longer term ads works better because sometimes a person needs to see the same ad a few times before trying it out! You will eventually get DRs from them, but do not expect a whole lot. The reason I still do it is because I know that there are Neobux users who will read the guide and join the co-op, and the more co-op members/sponsors we have, the more quality traffic we will generate if people follow these instructions! I use:,,, and

  12. Traffic exchanges: I always use traffic exchanges as well, although like PTC sites, the quality is low. You will eventually get DRs from them too, but again, do not expect a whole lot. I reccomend and

How does the Co-op help?

Each week that you submit your link, it tells the co-op that you are still using Neobux and that we should send visitors to your guide. There are a lot of sources of non-referred traffic that we get, including paid ad campaigns by the webmaster (me!) If you do not submit your link, we will not send you traffic (expect Sponsors do not have to submit their link each week) because the goal is to send potential referrals to active co-op members and sponsors!

Sponsors really do get the most out of the co-op because of how the traffic is divided. Free members get 20% of the Sponsor/paid visitors, and Sponsors get 20% of the Free member's traffic. When we all do our part, we will succeed together! Click here to learn more.

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